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A Christmas Story - 2020

"Thank you very much for the Christmas story you wrote for the children. They loved it. I have attached some photos of the children reading them. Have a lovely Christmas from everybody at Lindale School!" - From Mrs Kim Curwen (Acting Head Teacher)

'Getting Ready for Christmas'

Once upon a time…

It was night-time and very cold outside with a lot of snow on the ground. My younger sister and I had spent the afternoon in the garden making the most amazing snowman.

‘Boris’ we called him. He had a black hat, the most fabulous black eyes and a bright red scarf and black buttons all the way down his virtual coat.

It was late and I was very tired. I lay snuggled up in my nice warm bed thinking about Christmas and all the exciting things to come, when I thought I heard a very quiet tinkling bell.

I listened carefully and thought it had stopped when I heard it again, only this time there was more bells. Mmmmm what could that be? It sounded as though it was coming from the garden.

I quietly raised myself up and peeped out of my window into the garden. What a shock! There was Boris sat on a large stone talking to 4 huge reindeer, all dressed in red reins and covered in bells. They seemed to be having a lovely time, chatting and eating Christmas cake. Well, I have never seen live reindeer before and certainly never seen a walking, talking snowman!

I listened carefully and to my amazement, they were discussing arrangements for Christmas Eve and delivering presents with Father Christmas. I heard my name mentioned and then that of my sister’s but then Boris said that receiving presents depended on good behaviour.

Oh no, so I quickly and quietly slid away from the window and snuggled down back in bed. I had been good, honest!

Next morning, I couldn’t wait to go into the garden to see the talking snowman.

There he was standing to attention as tall as we had made him and as stiff as frozen snow. No movement, no chatter just an ordinary snowman waiting for the thaw when he would dissolve back into water.

Except that when I passed him, I am sure he turned his head and winked at me? Or did he?