Updates for

July 2021

On an Summer Theme

More Summer Goodies

Pictures from a June Garden

Busy Bee in Summer

Foxgloves in Summer

Rossendale Memory Choir

Link to their Facebook page and twitter feed

I'm In a Singing Mood

Wouldn't It Be Nice

When I'm 64

May Song

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Sunny Side of the Street

Two Pop Classics by The Original Artists

Shades of Gray

The Monkees

Hello Goodbye

The Beatles

Bring a smile to your face

Hillbilly Girl - Lisa McHugh

Flashmob on Quay Street in Galway City

featuring Struttin' Stars from Co. Fermanagh

Perfect by Ed Sheeran

Stranger joins Allie Sherlock singing

Perfect by Ed Sheeran (in Italian!)

'It's a dog's love'

Set Your Clock

A Real Bear Hug!

Them Old Cotton Fields Back Home

Pop Up Beethoven

Meticulous planning for this impromptu concert

Not really the sons of The Three Tenors

The classic Italian song 'll Mondo'

Friendship Clubs with a Difference!

'Dear Cat?'

Foxy Laugh?

Not a 'Bear Hug'

Feline 'High Five'

Goosey Goosey Gander

My 'Little' Pony

You must be joking!

A Helping Hand

Dave Allen

For the Love of Gin

For the Love of Coffee

The All-Seeing Eye(s)

Covid Related?

Butter Wouldn't Melt!

Wrong Device, Dear!

Interesting Viewing

Fabulous Art

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Trompe L'Oeil - I think

You won't believe your own eyes

Trick Drawings

Floating Chess Board?

Red Squirrels Rescued

A truly heart-warming film!

Moonrise Behind Lighthouse

Music - Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah

Some Pictures to Intrigue You

Can you see his master?

His master is hidden in this dog's face

There's another face hidden here

Can you spot it?

Shimmering Circles

Face or Flower?

Wavy Lines or Straight?

Black Hole? 2 Dimensions!

Inspirational Thoughts

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'Cloudless Skies Roll On Forever'

'Lessons in Life' by Andy Rooney

Are you a Seenager?

Smile Please!

Do Great Things

An Irish Toast

I Heard A Little Rumour

What Really Matters

Two Inspirational Songs - Universal Themes

One World

The stunning new "Ending Hunger" anthem

from Dionne Warwick & Joe McElderry

released to celebrate World Hunger Day 2013

Stay At Home Choir

Christopher Tin's 'Sogno di Volare'

performed by 3600 of our members

accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

A Family Blessing

Life Changing Quotations

The Race of Life

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Hymns to lift up your spirits

God will make a way

I light a candle for you

The Lord is my shepherd

Be still in the presence of the Lord

Your Friendship Correspondent

Tricia's Pavement Ramblings

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Fire Station down Memory Lane

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Clive Darley's School Memories

Denys Vaughan’s Childhood Exploits

Part 2 - The Excitement Continues!

Wilfred Noyce’s Rescue

Story Time

Pippa's Story

Little Robin Red Breast

Pippa's Story

Narrated by Pippa!

Winner of the Daily Telegraph

Short Story Competition March 2021

Anna Gilmore Heezen's Story

Narrated by Aimee Calway

A Heart-Warming Story - Page 1

by Geoff Grewcock

Nuneaton Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary

Read full text of this story

A Heart-Warming Story - Page 2

by Geoff Grewcock

Nuneaton Warwickshire Wildlife Sanctuary

Read full text of this story

A Journey I Won't Forget

Written by U3A narrated by Wyn

Generation Gap

Then and Now!!

The Rag Trade

Let's Go Fly a Kite

A Good Work Out

Favourite Songs

Mostly with a Summer Theme!

Cliff - Summer Holiday

Nina Simone - Summertime

Mungo Jerry - In The Summertime

Grease - Summer Nights

Beach Boys - Surfin' USA

Summer Time USA

Doris Day - Que Sera Sera

Audrey Hepburn - Moon River

Streisand - The Way We Were

Friendship Club Musicians

Joanna Shaw

The Streets of London

I Am Sailing

Grant Waddington

Runaround Sue

I'm a Believer

Jacki and Lewis

Competition Corner

Friendship Club Photograph Competition

3 Photographs - click the arrows

Caption Competition

Winner of the Winter edition Caption Competition

Suggested caption “Walk this way”

Judi Winterson through the Colton Parish link.

A Time for Verse

An Old Fashined Story

'Three Ha'Pence a Foot' by Marriott Edgar

An Old Lady's Poem

Read by Jean James [More info - see below]

Anonymous Poem found in Dundee Hospital

A Subaltern's Love Song

by John Betjeman

Summer Solstice - by Reg Rowland

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I Wish I'd Looked After My Teeth

by Pam Ayres [Read by Fey]


by Freya

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