Updates for

January 2021

Pippa's Latest News

Bring a smile to your face

Lancashire Heroes!

Street puppets put on a great show

Sleepy friends

Give us a kiss

Doctoring the dog

You must be joking!

Interesting Viewing

Dancer looks back in time!

Unexpected animal friendships

Elephants having fun

Spying on kingfishers

Inspirational Thoughts

Imagine you were born in 1900

Not everything is locked down

Be like a camera

Future wishes

You made a difference!

Photo Montages

Birds and Animals

Unusual Images

Stunning Scenery

Hymns to lift up your spirits

Amazing Grace

Calm me Lord

Your Friendship Correspondent

Tricia reminiscing about trips to India

Reg Rowland - Memories of Venice

Denys Vaughan's Switzerland Adventure

Click the arrow to play Swiss folk music as you watch the slides


Story Time

Tiger Spotting

The Most Beautiful Camel

Photographs to go with the videos

Winter's Tale

A story about hope and renewal

Written by Linda Bohen

and read by Aimee Calway

Generation Gap

Then and Now!!



Playing in or out?

Favourite Songs

The emphasis is on variety!

Those were the days

You'll never walk alone

Bridge over Troubled Water

Lily the Pink

I'll Never Find Another You

Feeling Good

Friendship Club Musicians

Joanna Shaw


Can't seem to feel your love

Grant Waddington

Michelle Ma Belle

When I Get Older

Competition Corner

Photo of the Month - only one entrant for Jan 2021!

Caption Competition - suggestions on a postcard

'20 Questions' on 2020

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Good Riddance to 2020!

Follow this link to look back [not too fondly] on 2020

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